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GSS PREVIEW | Masterclass 6: Effective Learners: Insights on College Student Engagement Research


1. 课程主题及简介 Theme and Introduction


Effective Learners: Insights on College Student Engagement Research


Professor SHI Jinghuan, the Principal Investigator of the China College Student Survey (CCSS), shall share her research findings about the longitudinal studies of the learners’ engagement in university education in China and across the world over the past decade, and explore its applications to support the development of creative, active and resilient learners through effective engagement in online learning. She shall also share her latest research findings of online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, and provide comments and suggestions on the designing of an Online Learners’ Handbook.

2. 特约教授/学者简介 Special Invited Professor/Scholar




Professor SHI Jinghuan

Main research fields: higher education, education policy and evaluation, education history, college students' learning and development.

Main research achievements: In recent years, she has published academic works such as the history of Higher Education (2010), contemporary American Education (2011), undergraduate education: quality and evaluation (2014), efficiency and equity: Research on regional distribution and coordinated development of higher education resources (2018), and published nearly 100 academic papers. Professor Shi Jinghuan, as the chief expert, presided over the key project of philosophy and social sciences of the Ministry of Education’s Research on the reform of university evaluation system under the background of double first-class construction. Professor Shi Jinghuan's China College Student Survey project has been carried out for 10 years. It is the largest, longest lasting and most influential research project on College Students' learning in China.

3. 学术支持单位介绍 Academic Support Department  



Institute of Education

The Institute of Education (IOE) Tsinghua University values interdisciplinary inquiry, international perspective, scholarship, and professional contribution. IOE was founded in 1979, first as an education policy research unit of the University. It then soon developed into a fully-fledged graduate school of education, encompassing master’s, doctoral, and professional development programmes. IOE currently hosts 23 full-time faculty members and 270 postgraduates. IOE’s research focuses on higher education studies, educational policy and management, engineering education, and educational technology.



The 2021 Tsinghua Global Summer School will be held from June 28 to July 6, themed Innovation for Sustainable Development. There will be more than 1,000 outstanding young students from all over the world participating in the courses online.