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GSS PREVIEW | Masterclass 5: Sustainable Design and Creative Thinking


1. 课程主题及简介 Theme and Introduction


Sustainable Design and Creative Thinking


This Masterclass discusses the basic concepts and methods of sustainable design and the principles, methods, and characteristics of design thinking. It will illustrate such ideas through real-world design projects from the Eco-Design Research Institute and the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University. It is hoped that students can use tools and concepts from this Masterclass to help inspire their own innovative SDG-related design for the Summer School.

2. 特约教授/学者简介 Special Invited Professor/Scholar


Dr. Liu Xin is a tenure track professor in the Academy of Arts & Design and Deputy Director of the Industrial Design Department. He is Director of the Tsinghua University Eco-Design Research Institute, Coordinator of DESIS Lab Tsinghua, and Initiator and Coordinator of LeNS-China.


3. 学术支持单位介绍 Academic Support Department  




As the first higher education institution of arts and design in China, the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University has held a prominent position since its establishment. The Academy aims to cultivate students with sound personalities, innovative ways of thinking, a solid foundation of knowledge, global perspective and social responsibilities. The Academy has been actively collaborating with the world’s top art & design institutions and multinational companies in interdisciplinary and cross-cultural teaching and research. The Academy values the importance of a cross-disciplinary knowledge of art and science for future art & design talents and industrial leaders, who will be able to integrate aesthetics, culture, technology and business to spur forth innovation.

By integrating academic, and industrial resources from China and other regions and countries, we aim to create a unique model to cultivate cross-cultural, professional, and highly innovative talents. Together with partners from all over the world, we provide world-class lectures covering art, design, engineering, technology, business and other professional fields. Moreover, we provide an international academic platform, which allows art and design talents to share their original works with the broader international community.


The 2021 Tsinghua Global Summer School will be held from June 28 to July 6, themed Innovation for Sustainable Development. There will be more than 1,000 outstanding young students from all over the world participating in the courses online.