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Preview: Day 7 of Tsinghua Global Summer School (GSS) 2020

During this extraordinary year,from July 20th to 28th, Tsinghua University will host a special online Global Summer School (GSS) 2020, entitled Toward a Post-Pandemic World. With various forms of learning, such as lectures, webinars, and interactive tours and performances, delivered and organized by Tsinghua’s top-quality educational resources and distinguished Chinese and overseas experts, GSS will help students to rethink our post-pandemic world from the perspectives of economics, politics, society, education, climate change, and leadership. We are waiting for students from different backgrounds to discover and discuss the possible post-pandemic world and feasible solutions for a sustainable future.

Let’s check out the GSS agenda for Day 7!

Day 7: Lifelong Learning and Development

Academic Support for Day 7 (July 26): the Latin America Center and the Southeast Asia Center at Tsinghua University.

On its road to becoming a more developed nation, China is constantly embracing the world as much as it embraces China to be strong and peaceful. Improving mutual understanding is the foundation for inclusive development of humanity as a whole. The establishment of the Latin America Center and the Southeast Asia Center at Tsinghua University is an effort in this direction.

On Day 7, we begin with “Dialog with Ex-ambassadors of Latin America to China”, inviting three renowned former ambassadors to China: Mr. Fernando Reyes Matta, Chile; Mr. Marcos Caramuru de Paiva, Brazil, and Mr. Diego Ramiro Guelar, Argentina. These former diplomats will share their insights with our students on the topics of “How to understand China,”“China-Latin America relationship,” and “The role of universities”. As the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we hope that this lecture would enhance the relationship between China and Latin American countries, contributing to a broader collaboration between China and the world.

Mr. Fernando Reyes Matta, Mr. Marcos Caramuru de Paiva, and Mr. Diego Ramiro Guelar

Next, a seminar entitled: “International Development and Talent Development of Enterprises” will take place, with four engaged panel members to discuss related questions with you. With Ms. LANG Xiaohong, Assistant Dean of the School of Continuing Education, Tsinghua University, as the host, the panel includes Mr. CHEN Jie, Assistant Country Manager, Bank of China (Hong Kong) Ltd. Jakarta Branch, Indonesia; Mr. LIEW CHEE WEI, President of the Association of Graduates from Tsinghua University, Malaysia, and Special Officer for CEO, PROTON Malaysian National Automotive Company; Ms. LIU Yanli, Vice President, State Grid International Development Co., Ltd.; and Ms. JIA Xiaomeng, Vice Director, Department of International Business Training, Sinopec Management Institute.

Mr. CHEN Jie, Mr. LIEW CHEE WEI, and Ms. LIU Yanli

Ms. JIA Xiaomeng and Ms. LANG Xiaohong

Moving on, a keynote speech with the theme Engineering Education and Lifelong Learning as Engines of Economic Development will be given by Professor Edward Crawley, Honorary Professor at Tsinghua University and Founding Interim Provost of Tsinghua Southeast Asia Center. Professor Crawley is a Ford Professor of Engineering at MIT and a member of the National Academy of Engineering, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Royal Swedish Institute of Engineering Science, and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Professor Crawley’s research focuses on the architecture, design, and decision support and optimization in complex technical systems subject to economic and stakeholder constraints.

Professor Edward Crawley

Day 7 concludes with a special webinar paneled by business leaders from Chinese multinational companies with investments in Latin America to share their life experiences on a challenging career. They are Mr. JIAO Jian, Vice President of China Minmentals Corporation, and Mrs. GAO Lan, Senior Vice President of Lenovo Group. During this, the students are encouraged to have active interaction with our guest speakers to discuss their concerns further. We are also delighted to have Professor CHEN Taotao hosting this session for us. Dr. CHEN is Professor of international business in the School of Economics & Management, Tsinghua University, and the Director of Tsinghua’s Latin America Center. Her main research areas are “Foreign Direct Investment (FDI),” “International Business,” and “Globalization and Strategy.”

Mr. JIAO Jian

Mrs. GAO Lan

Professor CHEN Taotao

Now you have an overview of what’s in store for Day 7 of GSS 2020 and how through its unique interdisciplinary platform, you can explore our post-pandemic world.

Stay posted as we show you more of what’s to come for GSS 2020!

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