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Preview: Day 6 of Tsinghua Global Summer School (GSS) 2020

During this extraordinary year,from July 20th to 28th, Tsinghua University will host a special online Global Summer School (GSS) 2020, entitled Toward a Post-Pandemic World. With various forms of learning, such as lectures, webinars, and interactive tours and performances, delivered and organized by Tsinghua’s top-quality educational resources and distinguished Chinese and overseas experts, GSS will help students to rethink our post-pandemic world from the perspectives of economics, politics, society, education, climate change, and leadership. We are waiting for students from different backgrounds to discover and discuss the possible post-pandemic world and feasible solutions for a sustainable future.

Let’s check out the agenda for Day 6!

Day 6: Society post-pandemic

Day 6 (July 25) will be hosted by one of the most renowned faculty here at Tsinghua University,the School of Social Sciences. It will invite distinguished experts from their fields to help you explore post-pandemic society from a sociological perspective.

This unique time now provided us with an opportunity to “think ourselves away” from our regular routines and critically review them with our sociological imagination. To rebuild a more sustainable future, we should learn to escape from the situation and open ourselves to the broader landscape of the world.

Day 6 will begin with a keynote speech by Professor LI Daokui to help students gain new insights into modern China and the world from different perspectives. These include the economy, society, and politics with a focus on the rise of modern China post-pandemic. Professor LI is Mansfield Freeman Chair Professor of Economics of Tsinghua University and the Director of the Academic Center for Chinese Economic Practice and Thinking (ACCEPT), Tsinghua University. Together with Eric S. Maskin, 2007 Nobel Laureate of Economics, he is Co-president of the Society for the Analysis of Government and Economics (SAGE). His research focuses on a wide range of economic topics such as government and economics, economic development, comparative economics, and the Chinese economy.

Professor LI Daokui

Next, we will dive into positive psychology's core workings with the second keynote speech of Day 6 given by Professor PENG Kaiping, the Dean of Tsinghua University School of Social Sciences, and who also chairs the psychology department in the faculty. Professor PENG was a tenured faculty member at the Department of Psychology at UC Berkeley before returning to China in 2009. To date, he has published eight books and more than 300 articles and essays on cultural, social, and methodological issues of psychology. Surveys also suggested that he was the world's most cited social psychologist as an associate professor until 2007 and one of the most cited Chinese psychologists in the world.

Professor PENG Kaiping

Moving on to a different point of view, we then welcome Associate Professor YAN Fei to present Sociological Imagination: A Critical Way to the World. He is currently an Associate Professor in Sociology at Tsinghua University and the Deputy Chair of the Department of Sociology at Tsinghua University. Previously, Professor YAN has received academic training from the University of Oxford and Stanford University. His research focuses on historical sociology, political sociology, and the sociology of development.

Associate Professor YAN Fei

After each lecture, Q & A sessions will allow those with questions to interact and discuss with the speaker.

Day 6 will conclude with an exclusive webinar concerning Post-Trauma Growth (PTG) in the post-pandemic world, hosted by Dr. ZHAO Yukun. The webinar focuses on possible psychological benefits brought by COVID-19, i.e., Post-Pandemic Growth, rather than negative psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. Dr. ZHAO is the Vice Director of the Positive Psychology Research Center at Tsinghua University. Dr. ZHAO’s primary research interests include positive education, self-determination, meaning, well-being, and big data.

Dr. ZHAO Yukun

Now you have an overview of what’s in store for Day 6 of GSS 2020 and how, through its unique interdisciplinary platform, you can explore our post-pandemic world.

Stay posted as we show you more of what’s to come for GSS 2020!

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