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GSS2021 Recap|Virtual Tour of Tsinghua History Museum and Tsinghua Campus

Taking online classes, but wish you were able to take a stroll on Tsinghua’s beautiful campus? This online event is made for you!


In order to immerse the summer school students in Tsinghua’s colorful campus life, the 2021 Global Summer School invited the leading guide of the school history museum/PhD candidate of Department of Energy and Power Engineering Sun Shuo to take everyone on a tour in Tsinghua’s history museum. You will embark on a journey of Tsinghua’s century-old history, starting with the establishment of the university. You will take a glance at the major events related to international cooperation since the release of the university’s Global Strategy in 2016. Anna Lujza Honecz, a Hungarian PhD candidate from the School of Humanities, alongside Diwambuena Nathan Miayiza, a Congolese Master’s student from the School of Economics and Management, as well as Francesca Dal Mas, an Italian Master’s student from the Department of Industrial Engineering, will introduce you to the three distinctly different campus areas: its early architecture, its teaching and research complex, and the dormitories/living area.


Join the event to take a peek at Tsinghua’s unique beauty – the only campus in Asia to be nominated One of the World’s Most Beautiful College Campuses by Forbes!