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GSS2021 Recap|Winning Teams of GSS SDG Hackathon 2021

Tsinghua Global Summer School 2021, themed “Innovation for Sustainable Development”, was held from June 28 to July 6, 2021. For the first time, GSS included a special " SDG Hackathon" into its curriculum, which marked a highlight of GSS 2021.


The SDG hackathon was composed of 14 hacks, each focusing on a theme related to the SDGs. After selecting a hack to join, students formed interdisciplinary “Innovation Teams” to explore, develop and present solutions for the hack' s "Challenge" topic. For detailed information of 14 hacks, please see:

Sneak Peak|Meet our SDG Hackathon Leaders

5 teams out of 131 interdisciplinary teams won outstanding awards. They were emerging from the following 5 hacks:

Hack 4 Future information technology for human healthcare

Hack 7 How to build a sustainable lifestyle

Hack 10 Future trends and development models of quality education

Hack 11 How AI can help us build an intelligent and sustainable future

Hack 12 The applications and challenges of synthetic Biology in the strategy of carbon neutrality


Below is the recorded video of those winning teams, including presentations of each team and introduction of their mentors. Let’s enjoy!