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Feedback from Students of GSS 2020: On the Development of China

Wee Jian Yong Calvin


National University of Singapore

It is a great honour to be selected as part of the 1000 students globally to take part in Tsinghua Global Summer School. I appreciate the well thought out curriculum that gives participants a primer across broad spectrums centered around the theme of life post-pandemic. I also enjoy interacting virtually with my classmates from different parts of the world, hearing their thoughts and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities they observe in their own country post-pandemic.

As a business student, I was impressed by the opening keynote lecture given by Dean Xue Lan. I noted his candid assessment of the development of China’s innovation system since the late 20th century and the underlying factors that have driven the changes. This allows us to reflect upon our own country’s innovation system and assess if there are any best practices in China that we can learn from. I also like that he did not sugar-coat the current reality and this gives us a better appreciation of what more can be done to improve the innovation system not only in China but also globally amidst the tense global tensions.

Benediktus Rolando


Australian National University

The Greetings from a master’s student at The Australian National University. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be part of Tsinghua University GSS 2020 program. From the welcome speech by President Qiu Yong, I’ve realised the enormous impact that Covid-19 has brought to our world today. It was also a pleasure to learn about the development progress of China’s Science, Technology and Innovation from Professor Xue Lan's opening lecture. Once again, I am really excited to learn much more from this program and I hope that I can get deeper understanding about post-pandemic disruption to the economy, international relations, society, public health, technological development and education after completing Tsinghua GSS Program.

Matai Peter M. Muon

South Sudan

University of Nairobi

This is absolutely inspiring. Part of my reason to take this Summer School was to learn about the Chinese economic miracle. The hard working spirit of the Chinese people is something that has amazed me for over a decade since I began academic life. I am impressed and looking forward to learning more in the next seven days

Arina Bogdanova


Tsinghua University

I think that I won’t be an exception, if I say that I really enjoy GSS. I enjoyed everything: the workshop, the keynote and webinar. And the most fascinating thing was that all of them gave me understanding from three different perspectives: past, present and future: How China overcame difficulties caused by COVID-19; current economical situation in China (and the World, actually) and what is going to happen; and the most important aspects of gaining successful “economic remedy”.