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Feedback from Students of GSS 2020: On COVID-19

Liu Karl Jason

United States

Yale University

This year, COVID-19 has changed our world in many ways, from remote work to online school.  Tsinghua is offering a really innovative experience through Online Summer School, showing us the value of leadership in a crisis and how we can broaden our global perspectives.

Hou William

United States

University of California, Berkeley

I am having a great time at GSS so far. I really like the flexibility of attending different sessions on XuetangX according to my availability. Since it’s early morning in the US, it’s not always easy for me to get up to attend live sessions, but I am trying my best to attend as many of these as possible and to avidly participate in the discussions because the topics are so relevant and interesting. I would like to continue learning about different aspects of China’s actions regarding making societal changes after COVID, and of course, learn more about how pursuing an education at Tsinghua in the future may help me understand the motivations behind these actions. Nice to be here.

Guha Arigna


City University of Hong Kong

During this pandemic, I find this programme to be not only extremely insightful but also exceptionally important as it ensures that students have a productive summer despite the pandemic. As we eventually emerge on the other side of this pandemic, it is imperative for every person to understand this moment and strive to become better global communicators. Bringing together such diverse group of topics, students and speakers together goes a long way in achieving that. It helps us battle parochialism at a time when it is no longer an option. The perspectives this program is inculcating within us will equip us with the necessary tools to become better future leaders in a post-pandemic world.

Anderson Brenton Douglas

United States

Bishop’s University

GSS provides an informative and inspiring platform for all of us to better navigate the ever complicating world. Having the opportunity to be exposed to varying opinions from all across the globe (from the comfort of my own home) is something that I cherish dearly. Being directly engaged in a global dialogue is a unique and valuable experience. The program serves as a reminder that in times of difficulty, we as citizens of the world come together to innovate, overcome, and adapt to present-day challenges. It has certainly inspired me to look towards the future with greater clarity and understanding.