Danxia Xie

Danxia XIE

Associate Professor with Tenure
Institute of Economics
Tsinghua University    
Email: xiedanxia@tsinghua.edu.cn

Education background

Ph.D. in Economics,            University of Chicago,        2017
M.P.P. Intl Trade and Finance,     Harvard University,          2007
Master in Computer Science,      Duke University,             2004

Areas of Research Interests

Digital Economics,  Macro,  Health & Labor,  Law & Economics,  International, Finance  

[2024-]    The foundation and frontier of the digital economy,  Tsinghua University
[2018-]    Intermediate Macroeconomics,  Tsinghua University
[2018-]    Law and Economics, Tsinghua University
[2021-]    Model Innovation for Economic Science and Policy, Tsinghua University 

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Conference and Working Papers  
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National Grants (as PI Principal Investigator)

2024-2027    NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China)  #72373079
  "Economic Growth and Population Dynamics in the Digital Era"

2020-2023    NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China)  #71973076
  "The Impact of Digital Platform Dynamics on Social Welfare and Financial Stability"
Honors, Scholarships, and Fellowships

2010-2011 Social Sciences Scholarship, University of Chicago

2011-2012 Sherwin Rosen Fellowship, University of Chicago

2012-2015 Social Sciences Fellowship, University of Chicago

2015-2016 Theodore W. and Esther Schultz Economics Fellowship