Long Denggao

Long Denggao is Professor of School of Humanitites and Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, China .

He got his Ph.D. in economic history from Yunnan University in 1993. He has been a visiting scholar at Yale University (2003), Harvard University(2005-2006),and other institutions abroad. He is a member of Project of Beijing Outstanding Talent in Social Science in the New Century. He is an advisor to the Overseas Chinese Affairs of the State Council.

Fund of Outstanding Talent in China,2005 China's Scholar Council, 2002-2003, History of Overseas Chinese Businessmen.

Research Interests: Chinese Economic History and Corporate History

Award and Academic Honors:Chinese Economic History and Corporate History

National Science Fund,1999-2001. Management of Overseas Chinese Businessmen.

National Social Science Fund, 1996-1998

Second Place, Prize of Humanities and Social Sciences in Higher Education in China, 2002, Awarded by the Ministry of Education once five years.

Development History of Chinese Traditional Market.

Member, Project of Outstanding Talent in Social Science in the New Century, Beijing.2001-

Works in Chinese

On overseas Chinese Businessmen, Hong Kong Social Science Press,2003, and Malaysia 2006 Overseas Chinese Business in the economic globalization, Science Press,2006 Chinese American: growing up on the marginal and frontal economy, Taibei,2005 Market History in 11-19th Jiangnan , Tsinghua University Press,2003 A Course of Modern Economic History in China(Second Author), Tsinghua University Press,2002 History of Market Development in Traditional China. Renmin Press,1997

Papers (in English):

The Characteristic of Overseas Chinese Business: Cultural Determination orChoice of Economic, Globalization of Chinese Overseas Migration, ISSCO-5, Copenhagen, 2004.

Beyond Culture: Economic Analysis of the Characteristics of Overseas Chinese Business. “A new breed of Chinese Entrepreneurs? Culture, Organization

Imperatives and Globalization”, UC Pacific Rim Research Conference.2006.Forthcoming Published.