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Cai Jiming: development of new quality productive forces should be coordinated with improvement of traditional ones

Productive forces are the ability of human beings to reproduce material and spiritual wealth. New quality productive forces is a dynamic, relative concept, and refer to advanced productivity freed from traditional economic growth modes and productivity development paths, which features high technology, high efficiency and high quality, and is in line with the new development philosophy. Fostering and developing new quality productive forces for the digital economy is an important way to realize high-quality innovation-driven development and Chinese modernization.

Currently, China boasts a good foundation and favorable conditions for the development of new quality productive forces: the digital economy is fertile ground for the cultivation of new quality productive forces, the private economy is an important carrier of such productive forces, and unicorn enterprises are leaders in this regard.

The development of new quality productive forces is undoubtedly the main theme of high-quality, innovation-driven development. However, while promoting the development of new quality productive forces, it is also essential to harmonize its relationship with the development of traditional productive forces. Only by maintaining the coordinated development of new quality and traditional productive forces, so that the latter can be improved in terms of quality and efficiency, can we expand consumer demand on the basis of increasing employment and income for all, and then lay a solid foundation for high-quality, innovation-driven development.

Given this, the following suggestions are proposed: firstly, the upgrading of traditionally competitive industries should be coordinated with the cultivation of emerging industries of the future; secondly, engineering technological innovations should be coordinated with major scientific and technological innovations; thirdly, competence improvement among traditional workers should be coordinated with the expansion of intelligent workers.