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A Meeting Held for Teachers and New Postgraduates at the Institute of Economics

At 13:30 on September 5, Tsinghua Institute of Economics organized a meeting for postgraduates of the class of 2022 and their teachers at Yejiaxuan Reading Experience Bookstore. The meeting has three sessions, including student self-introduction, teacher self-introduction, and Q&A. It was chaired by Rong Ke, Deputy Director of the Institute of Economics and Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of the School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University.

Students introduced themselves first. Mentioning their study experience, as well as the planning and direction they made for the coming postgraduate stage, they were full of expectations for their future studies and research work.

In addition to introducing their research interests and the courses they teach, the teachers also expressed their wishes and expectations for the students. “Communication and teamwork play an important role in future studies and academic research,” said Rong Ke, adding that he hoped students to have the courage to explore and take the initiative to communicate. Prof. Long Denggao hoped that students would keep their feet on the ground and persevere in their academic research and exploration while working hard for continuous self-improvement. Deputy Director of the Institute of Economics Wang Yong gave an introduction to the characteristics of postgraduate programs and encouraged students with different disciplinary backgrounds to learn from each other for common progress.

During the Q&A session, there were various questions form the students, such as how to choose an appropriate topic for direct doctoral students, how to grasp effective information, etc. Prof. Li Daokui talked about the depth and scope of the discipline of Economics on the basis of his own study experience. He advised students to learn about a wide range of fields, participate actively in their courses, and clarify their research directions while carrying on the Tsinghua school. Tang Ke, Director of the Institute of Economics, drew on his own research experience to illustrate the importance of getting key information from timely news and cultivating the team spirit in academic research. Prof. Wu Jinxi pointed out that research is never just about theory and it must be conducted on the basis of society and industry. Both papers and theories should be ready to be used in practice.

Tsinghua Institute of Economics has adhered to the philosophy of fostering virtue through education, encouraging original research, guiding academic employment, breaking through disciplinary boundaries and promoting cross-innovation in postgraduate training. It attaches great importance to both teaching and research and strives to promote high-quality discipline construction and forward-looking talent cultivation with the joint efforts of teachers and students.

A total of 15 teachers and 21 new postgraduates of the class of 2022 from the Institute of Economics attended the meeting.