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Crypto Wash Trading Co-authored by Professor Tang Ke from the Institute of Economics Won the Best Paper Award of a Top Management Conference

CBER 2021 Crypto and Blockchain Economics Research Conference, co-organized by Management Science, Cornell University and University of Toronto, was held from April 16 to 17. Crypto Wash Trading written by Professor Tang Ke, Head of the Institute of Economics, School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, and his partners won the Best Paper Award. The co-authors include Professor Cong Lin of Cornell University, Dr. Li Xi of Newcastle University, and Dr. Yang Butuan of Tsinghua University. Experts and scholars and industry practitioners from world-renowned universities in blockchain and encryption economics participated in the Conference. The Best Paper Award was selected by the vote of participants. Excellent papers selected at the Conference would be published on the Management Science.
Based on the empirical data, this paper found that the widespread problem in the field of crypto currency is crypto wash trading, that is, traders or exchanges fabricate transactions to forge liquidity so as to attract investors. This paper is the first academic paper to systematically record and analyze the crypto wash trading, pointing out that centralized supervision plays an important role in regulating cryptocurrency market and curbing market manipulation, and has guiding significance for the future cryptocurrency market supervision.