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China Dredging History Research Group Held Undergraduates’ Scientific Research Ability Development Communication Meeting

Reprinted from Center for Chinese Entrepreneur Studies, Tsinghua University
On November 12, the “China Dredging History” Research Group of Center for Chinese Entrepreneur Studies, Tsinghua University held an undergraduate exchange meeting in Mingzhai with the theme of “International Research on China Water Transport”. Professor Long Denggao of School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, Dr. Yi Wei, Secretary-General of Center for Chinese Entrepreneur Studies, Tsinghua University, Assistant Director Qu Na, and post-doctor Liu Xuanyou attended the meeting. Undergraduates Xu Jianing, Ye Man, Zheng Jiarui, Guo Haozhe and Han Jingyue also attended.
Professor Long Denggao first gave a general introduction to the subject, emphasizing that the process of internationalization of central enterprises represented by China Communications Construction was the internationalization of waterway construction with the national strength, which aroused students’ strong interest in the subject. Dr. Liu Xuanyou shared the research course of the internationalization of large central enterprises, and took China Communications Construction as an example to show the road to internationalization of China’s waterway construction.
She first introduced the problems of internationalization of central enterprises, and explained in detail how China Communications Construction has achieved internationalization successfully, and summarized it as the development path of “civilian workers-contractors-investors-consultants and designers”. She also deeply discussed the reasons for central enterprises to undertake foreign aid projects, the development process of central enterprises, significance of undertaking foreign aid projects for enterprise internationalization and the understanding of the Belt and Road Initiative. Through case studies of the Friendship Harbor in Mauritania, Gwadar Port, Colombo Port City, China-Maldives Friendship Bridge, and ZPMC, she explained how the central enterprises represented by China Communications Construction get ahead of the government and embark on a unique road of international development. After listening to her explanation, students have had a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the magnificent history of the internationalization of central enterprises.
Dr. Yi Wei made a summary statement, encouraging students to make progress in scientific research and training, and expressed hope and blessings for students.
The undergraduates’ “Scientific Research Ability Development” program of Institute of Economics, School of Social Sciences aims to make undergraduates get a preliminary understanding of scientific research, train their research ability and cultivate their interest in scientific research by engaging them in the scientific research activities of the research group. 
                                                               Contributed by Ye Man, Zheng Jiarui