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The 2020 Online Summer Camp of Institute of Economics, School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University was Successfully Held

Institute of Economics, School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University successfully held the Online Summer Camp from July 28 to July 31, 2020. More than 500 outstanding college students from universities across the country were enrolled in the Summer Camp, and 150 camp members were finally selected to participate in the event. Summer Camp lasted for four days, and was divided into three lectures and four symposiums. Professor Tang Ke, Head of Institute of Economics, presided over the opening ceremony. He introduced the overall situation of the Institute of Economics, which is under the School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, and told students about the history, current situation and future discipline development direction of the Institute of Economics. At the opening ceremony, Institute of Economics also invited Liu Xiahui, a professor and researcher from Institute of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, to give a keynote speech on the theme of “Future-oriented Chinese Economy”.
In the next few days, Professor Cai Jiming gave an academic speech on “Studying the Integration of Two Economic Ideology Systems from the Formation of Mixed Economy”. Professor Li Daokui, Dean of The Academic Center for Chinese Economic Practice and Thinking of Tsinghua University, and his research team delivered a theme forum on “Theory and Practice of Government and Market Economics” in collaboration with Sina Finance. Professor Li Daokui introduced the development history of Economics at the forum. He and his research team shared the research results of the Center on government and market economics. The teachers of the Institute of Economics also presented their relevant academic views and research results on this issue.
After the keynote speech, the teachers of the Institute of Economics carried out four symposiums on political economy, econometrics and macroeconomics, economic history and microeconomics, and digital and innovative economics with camp members according to the discipline classifications. During the symposium, Professor Long Denggao, the leader of the Economic History Discipline of the Institute of Economics and the winner of Sun Yefang Economic Science Award, introduced the development process of Tsinghua’s Economic History and his research achievements in Economic History over the years with the research team. Assistant Professor Xie Danxia, Assistant Professor Sun Zhen, Associate Professor Wang Yong, Associate Professor Li Bangxi and Associate Professor Zhao Zhun of the Institute of Economics also introduced their research fields, academic viewpoints and research results respectively. Fifty core campers shared their research topics in the form of PPT. The teachers of the Institute of Economics commented on their shared contents one by one, and then warmly exchanged and discussed with students in their respective research fields and academic views.
The four-day Summer Camp has a variety of forms and rich contents. The students could feel the strong academic atmosphere of the Institute of Economics through the Internet and have a preliminary understanding of the Institute of Economics. The students also took this opportunity to listen to and learn the academic views and research results of academic experts in the field of economics, which has greatly opened up the academic vision of students and was a rare online academic and teacher-student exchange activity in the field of economics. At the same time, the Institute of Economics also conducted a preliminary examination of the academic research ability of the camp members through the Summer Camp event, and carried out a preliminary selection work for 2021 recommended exemption graduates for the Master and Doctor’s Degree of Theoretical Economics.