GSS PREVIEW | Masterclass 6: Global Energy Transition toward Carbon Neutrality


1. Theme and Introduction

Global Energy Transition toward Carbon Neutrality

Professor Zhang Xiliang’s lecture will be addressing some important questions regarding the global energy transition in the context of carbon neutrality with an emphasis on China. The questions include but not limited to : What the change will take place in the global and China’s energy system to achieve the carbon neutrality goal? What roles will energy efficiency, renewable energy, nuclear energy, electrification, CCUS, DAC will play in the attainment of the carbon neutrality goal? What are the institutional barriers to the low carbon energy economy system transformation? What new policy instruments are needed to enable the energy transition?

2. Special Invited Professor/Scholar

Dr. Zhang Xiliang is a professor and director of the Institute of Energy, Environment and Economy at Tsinghua University. Professor Zhang is a member of the National Experts Panel on Climate Change and the Chair of the Energy Systems Engineering Committee of the China Energy Research Society. He has been heading the expert group of national carbon market design since 2015. He was a lead author of the fourth and fifth IPCC Climate Change Assessment Report. He was granted the Leading Talent Award by Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the First Award for Humanity and Social Science Research by Ministry of Education in 2020. His current research interests include low-carbon energy economy transformation, climate change economics, and climate change policy and mechanism design. Professor Zhang holds a PhD in Systems Engineering from Tsinghua University.


3. Academic Support Department  

Institute of Energy, Environment and Economy, Tsinghua University

Institute of economics, energy and environment (short for 3E) , Tsinghua university founded in 1980, is a university-level research institute jointly established by Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology, School of Economics and Management and School of Public Administration of Tsinghua University.

Now, there are 25 full-time researchers, more than 30 doctoral students and 10 master students, work or study in 3E. For more information please visit the institute’s website


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