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Join us! Tsinghua Global Summer School 2021

1. About the Program

In July 2020, in response to and learning from the challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Tsinghua University held its first virtual summer school, Tsinghua GSS 2020, to offer global leaders of tomorrow an exceptional interdisciplinary platform to be immersed and inspired. Over 1,000 young talents from 154 universities across 79 different countries and regions attended the virtual summer school, and undertook courses taught by distinguished scholars and practitioners from China and abroad. This year, Tsinghua will continue the effort. Tsinghua GSS 2021, themed Innovation for the SDGs, will explore innovative ways to solve critical challenges related to society, economy and environment, with the SDGs as a core reference point.

Method of Delivery: Online

Start Date: June 28, 2021

End Date: July 6, 2021

2. Course Content

Supported by over 20 Tsinghua departments and institutes, this summer school will cover diverse topics related to innovation and the SDGs. The program features a carefully curated syllabus combining academic, cultural and social engagements, and will be conducted entirely in English through online lectures, seminars, workshops and a SDG Hack.

l Learning Objectives

Tsinghua GSS combines Tsinghua’s world-class teaching and research resources with virtual engagements that showcase Chinese culture and Tsinghua’s spirit of academic excellence. This year’s GSS will increase participants’ awareness of innovation and creativity, stimulate their consciousness and critical thinking to explore and solve critical challenges related to society, economy and environment, with SDGs as a core reference point.

l Expected Outcomes

Participants are expected to develop skills fundamental to global leadership, including in-depth problem analysis and exploration, presentation and expression, cross-cultural communication, and teamwork.

3. Assessment

Students who meet the attendance requirement and complete the SDG Hack will be eligible for 1 academic credit and a Tsinghua GSS 2021 Certificate.

4. How to Apply

Ø Tsinghua’s partner institutions and affiliated alliances

The program is open to students from Tsinghua partner institutions and affiliated alliances worldwide.

Ø Eligible students are required to complete the application form and submit application materials online via the link below:


Tsinghua Global Summer School uses a rolling admission policy; applications are reviewed as they are received.

5. Eligibility Requirements

Eligible applicants should fulfil the following criteria:

Ø International students and Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan students currently attending college/university;

Ø Reasonable command of the English language.

6. Application Materials

1) Application Form (online application)

2) Supporting documents (to be uploaded):

Ø One-page curriculum vitae

Ø Full academic transcript

Ø Passport information page

7. Application Schedule

April 30 – June 6, 2021

Application materials should be submitted before June 6, 2021.

8. Scholarship: Eligible students accepted by the program will receive a full scholarship which covers all the tuition fees and related administrative costs.

9. Contact: experiencing-china@tsinghua.edu.cn