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Spotlight: Tsinghua Summer School 2020

Tsinghua Global Summer School (GSS) 2020, Toward a Post-Pandemic World, is going to be held from July 20 to 28, 2020. It offers students a unique interdisciplinary platform to be immersed and inspired.

What can we expect from Tsinghua GSS 2020?

Here’s a taste:


Academic activities led by 16 Tsinghua departments and institutions, including:

  • School of Economics and Management

  • School of Environment

  • School of Social Sciences

  • School of Public Policy and Management

  • Institute of Education

  • Department of Computer Science and Technology

  • The Global Innovation Exchange (GIX)

  • Schwarzman College

  • Shenzhen International Graduate School

  • China-Italy Design Innovation Hub

  • Tsinghua Southeast Asia Center

  • China-Africa Leadership Development Institute

  • Global Alliance of Universities on Climate (GAUC)

  • Asian Universities Alliance (AUA)

  • Institute for AI Industry Research (AIR)

  • Institute for AI International Governance (I-AIIG)


Distinguished Speakers(Chronological order)

Professor XUE Lan

Faculty Chair of Tsinghua GSS, Dean of Schwarzman College

Professor Harry Shum (SHEN Xiangyang)

Former Executive Vice President at Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Research Group, Adjunct Professor in the Institute for Advanced Study

Professor SHI Jinghuan

Director, Academic Committee, Institute of Education

Professor BAI Chong-En

Dean of School of Economics and Management

Mr. XIE Zhenhua

Special Advisor for Climate Change Affairs of China, President of Institute of Climate Change and Sustainable Development (ICCSD)

Dr. Ya-Qin ZHANG

Dean of Institute for AI Industry Research, Former Vice President of Baidu

Professor PENG Kaiping

Dean of School of Social Sciences

Professor JIANG Xiaojuan

Dean of School of Public Policy and Management

More distinguished speakers to be announced...


20-credit-hour program covering diverse topics, including: the economy, education, society, climate change, and leadership. The tailor-made program features both theoretical presentations and innovative and interactive cultural activities. Students who complete the 16-credit hours and fulfill all learning requirements will gain 1 academic credit.


Access to MOOC resources.Students have the chance to earn an extra MOOC certificate if they complete the MOOC component of the program.


Exciting virtual tours and performances:

  • Virtual Tour of Tsinghua History Museum and campus

  • Virtual Tour of Tsinghua Art Museum and Graduating Students Works Exhibition

  • Virtual Tour of Huawei/Lenovo

  • Virtual Performance: Chinese Flute Robot Band


Full scholarships for eligible students

Join us now in

Tsinghua's first virtual summer school:

Tsinghua GSS 2020!