​Tsinghua exhibition explores the scientific and technological world from the perspective of late Qing intellectuals

The exhibition “Wonderful Instruments from Overseas: the Western Technological World in the Eyes of Late Qing Intellectuals” opened at Tsinghua University Science Museum on March 20.

With approximately 100 sets of Western scientific artifacts from the collection of the Tsinghua University Science Museum, it showcases the Western scientific and technological world as perceived by late Qing Chinese intellectuals.

Focused on the records of late Qing scholars' encounters with the West, the exhibition is divided into five units: land and water transportation, street scenes, western devices, popular science and the studies of “Gezhi (Science)”.

The exhibition will be integrated with the training courses for graduate students in the Department of History of Science at Tsinghua University, highlighting the academic achievements of faculty and students in the fields of the history of science, especially the studies of historical scientific objects from both China and the West in contemporary times.

Additionally, it marks a milestone in the development of the Tsinghua Science Museum. During the exhibition, the Tsinghua University Science Museum will collaborate with the Department of the History of Science and the Student Society for the History of Science, Tsinghua University to hold a series of academic lectures and public educational activities.

Editor: Li Han

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