Tsinghua celebrates 112th anniversary

Tsinghua University celebrated its 112th anniversary on April 30, hosting alumni from around the world for a weekend of reunions and many festivities.

The event featured various exhibitions, performances, and activities organized by different departments of the University. They included concerts, track and field events, and the technological innovation exhibition held in honor of the returning alumni.

Various exhibitions of students' extracurricular academic and technological works, oracle bone treasures displayed in the library, and photographs by faculty members and alumni also awaited them.

The celebrations also included an orchestral concert, ballroom dance, Peking Opera pieces, keyboard music, and folk art performances by Tsinghua students.

Additionally, the 66th "Ma Yuehan Cup" Students Track and Field Sports Meeting took place as part of the anniversary event.

Throughout the weekend, Tsinghua's Specimen Museum, Schwarzman College, Laboratories, and Teaching Buildings were open to the public. The University welcomed all alumni back to their alma mater.

Editor:Li Han

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