Six young scientists from Tsinghua University won the 4th Xplorer Prize

The 4th Xplorer Prize officially announced its winners on September 15. Fifty young scientists were on the winners list, including six from Tsinghua University.

The six Tsinghua winners were Professor Xiao Bailong from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SPS), Professor Cheng Gong from the School of Medicine, Professor Wen Zongguo from the School of Environment, Professor Zhang Qiang from the Department of Earth System Science, Professor Feng Peng from the Department of Civil Engineering and Wang Guangyu, post-doctoral alumna and researcher at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

The Xplorer Prize is a public welfare award funded by the Tencent Foundation and led by scientists. It aims to support scientists to engage in fundamental sciences and cutting-edge technology research, as well as to explore long-term mechanisms of social support for basic research.

The prize covers 10 categories from fundamental sciences to cutting-edge technology. It has funded 200 promising young scientists since its launch.

Editor: Li Han

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