Tsinghua Students Win Championship in ISC21

The results of the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC21) were announced on July 1. The team “Diablo”, composed of six undergraduates from the Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, won the 1st Place Award and the Highest LINPACK Award, marking Tsinghua’s second dual-championship in international student cluster competitions.

The team of Tsinghua University wins the 1st Place Award in the ISC21.

The team of Tsinghua University wins the Highest LINPACK Award in the ISC21.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the competition was held online. All participating teams ran their applications on the cluster of the National Supercomputing Center (NSCC), Singapore, and the Niagara cluster of the University of Toronto in Canada.

The competition included benchmarks LINPACK, HPCG and HPCC, weather prediction system WRF, molecular dynamics simulator LAMMPS, metagenome assembler MetaHipMer 2.0, quantum mechanical atomistic simulation package GPAW, and coding challenge for MPI communication analysis.

Members of Tsinghua’s team (from left to right: Song Zeyu, Zhai Mingshu, Zhong Runxin, Wang Yutian, Zhang Chen, Chen Jiajie).

A total of 13 teams from all over the world participated in the finals. Tsinghua’s team was composed of six students majoring in computer science, namely Zhang Chen, Zhong Runxin, Chen Jiajie, Wang Yutian, Zhai Mingshu, and Song Zeyu.

The advisors were Assistant Research Fellow Han Wentao and Associate Professor Zhai Jidong of the Department of Computer Science and Technology. Graduate students Chen Shengqi and He Jia’ao of the Institute of High Performance Computing also provided technical guidance.

After winning the runner-up prize in the ASC21 (Student Supercomputer Challenge), the team only had one month to prepare for the next competition. While ensuring the smooth completion of their final exams, undergraduate thesis and other learning tasks, every team member made their best effort and applied their rich experience to finally win the dual-championship.

The ISC21,hosted by the HPC Advisory Council, and together with the ASC and the SC,is listed as one of the world’s most authoritative supercomputing competitions for international college students.

Editors: Li Han, John Olbrich

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