Launch Ceremony of Future Internet Technology Infrastructure held at Tsinghua University

The Future Internet Technology Infrastructure (FITI), a high-performance Internet backbone, came into operation at Tsinghua University on April 20th.

The Ministry of Education officials and representatives from 40 universities involved in the FITI project, including Tsinghua University, jointly launched the operation of FITI.

FITI, the national science and technology internet infrastructure project in China, is an important part of future network technology infrastructure, mainly based on IPv6-only technology, and covering 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. It aims to provide an open research and test platform for future internet architecture.

The core nodes of the FITI backbone are distributed at 40 universities in 35 cities. It aims to provide users with all kinds of test services of the future internet, including a physical data link, network, transmission and application layers. FITI also supports 4,096 parallel running, heterogeneous networks. The bandwidth of the current FITI backbone between major pops is 200Gbps, and FITI seamlessly connects to the global IPv4 and IPv6 Internet.

Moreover, FITI supports the technology of SAVA (Source Address Validation Architecture). SAVA supports the traceability of the end system and enhances security and trust in the future internet.

Source: Institute for Network Sciences and Cyberspace

Editors: Guo Lili, Sangeet Sangroula, John Olbrich

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