​Shing-Tung Yau launches fund at Tsinghua for mathematics discipline construction and talent cultivation

Shing-Tung Yau, a renowned mathematician and dean of Tsinghua QiuZhen College, established the "Chen Ying Chiu Fund" and the "Yeuk Lam Leung Fund" in the name of his parents under the Tsinghua University Education Foundation.

These funds are aimed at supporting the development of mathematics, the training of new generations of leading talents in mathematics, and the construction of QiuZhen College.

Qiu Yong, secretary of the CPC Tsinghua University Committee and chairman of the Tsinghua University Education Foundation, and Professor Caucher Birkar from the Yau Mathematical Sciences Center, attended the donation ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Yuan Wei, secretary-general of the Tsinghua University Education Foundation.

Shing-Tung Yau delivers a speech.

Yau said that this donation serves as a commemoration of his parents and a continuation of their wishes. He hopes it can inspire more of the younger generation to make genuine contributions to science, the nation and humanity.

Yau confirmed that establishing QiuZhen College is the most important thing he has done in China. Over the years, he has seen the hope for China in mathematics and other basic disciplines in the young students at Tsinghua University. He conveyed his willingness to do his best to promote and support the growth of the younger generation. Together, they strive to build the QiuZhen College into a world-class institution and push the development of mathematics in China to new heights.

Qiu Yong addresses the ceremony.

On behalf of Tsinghua, Qiu expressed gratitude and heartfelt respect to Yau for his passionate dedication to the development of disciplines and talent cultivation at Tsinghua University. He said that this donation not only conveys Yau's remembrance of his parents but also carries his fervent hopes for the students.

For many years, Yau has spared no effort in promoting high-level mathematical research and the cultivation of top innovative talents in China. He has made generous donations on multiple occasions to support the construction of basic disciplines at Tsinghua University and helping young students grow and succeed. His dedication is extremely deep and heartfelt, which is truly moving.

Qiu said that QiuZhen College is a key initiative by the university to carry out the basic task of fostering virtue through education and to serve the country's major strategic needs. Since its establishment, under the leadership of Yau, it has been making steady progress toward the goal of cultivating world-class talents. The University places high importance on and will fully support the construction and development of the College. It is believed that this donation will inspire more young students to pursue true knowledge and practice genuine skills, to strive vigorously for the construction of a strong country and the great rejuvenation of the nation, and to bravely assume responsibility.

Professor Caucher Birkar delivers a speech.

Birkar said he was honored to witness the donation and proud to be a part of QiuZhen College. He noted that top universities need societal support to attract talents, enroll top students and foster research environments amid intense global competition. He hopes for more donations to higher education, promoting educational philanthropy.

Shing-Tung Yau (first row, right) and Yuan Wei sign the donation agreement.

Qiu Yong (left) presents a donation commemorative plaque to Yau.

Yau and Yuan signed the donation agreement, with Qiu presenting a donation commemorative plaque to Yau.

A group photo

Officials from QiuZhen College and the Tsinghua University Education Foundation, along with student representatives, attended the ceremony.

Editor: Li Han

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