Multi-stakeholders from 6 Continents Co-initiate the Global Youth Climate Week

Over 100 institutions, organizations and networks from 6 continents jointly launch the Global Youth Climate Week on October 31.

Scheduled one week ahead of each UN Climate Change Conference, the Global Youth Climate Week (the Week) aims to contribute a mechanism for global climate governance by convening the climate actions of youth worldwide, to help them voice out their climate dedication together and to prepare them to take the lead in building a net-zero future shared by all.

The Week, which is proposed by Global Alliance of Universities on Climate (GAUC) to UNFCCC back in January 2022, was praised by the then UNFCCC Executive Secretary Ms. Patricia Espinosa as "an impactful contribution to the UNFCCC process." It has since gained support from leading international organizations such as UNESCO, Bloomberg, and the Rockefeller Foundation.

In order to maximize the effect of the Week and to engage broader society, GAUC called out for co-initiators this September and has since received active responses from partners worldwide.

Within a month, over 100 co-initiators from 6 continents are on board to back the climate actions of youth, covering a large variety of backgrounds, including academic institutions & think tanks, renowned brands from private sector, media agencies, charities, international & regional organizations, NGOs, and civil society.

"The geological and industrial diversity of the co-initiators reflects the commitment from multi-stakeholders to conquering the climate challenge." said YANG Bin, the Chair of GAUC's Executive Committee and the Vice President of Tsinghua, one of the founding universities of GAUC. "That commitment is what the world needs in this critical time."

Lasting 5 days until November 4th, the inaugural Week features diversified events organized by its co-initiators to offer different perspective for the youth to approach the challenge as well as the Global Youth Summit on Net-Zero Future, a youth-led events organized by the GAUC Global Youth Ambassadors to present their interdisciplinary approach to the challenge.

From Global Alliance of Universities on Climate

Editor: Li Han

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