The Craft of Modeling Clay: Cultural Exchanges in Ceramic Art among the Ancient East and West

Exhibition Info

  • Exhibition Period:  22 March – 31 July 2024

  • Exhibition Venue: Exhibition Hall 12-13, 4th Floor

Exhibition Profile

  • The exhibition spans 6,000 years in time and includes exhibits from ancient Eurasia and ancient Egypt. The exhibits are divided into seven units by region: the Ancient Near East, the Iranian Plateau and its surroundings, the Indus Valley Civilization, the Mediterranean region, the late painted pottery of Central Asia, the Early Islamic period of Iran, and East and Southeast Asia. Visitors can appreciate the exquisite workmanship of these exhibits from different periods and different regions, and get a glimpse of the development of porcelain from early pottery to late porcelain outside China, so as to better understand the commonalities and differences between different civilizations in the East and the West.

Source:  Tsinghua University Art Museum 

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