Masters of Seal Engraving: Xie Leiming, Fang Jiekan and Xu Wuwen

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Exhibition Period:31 October 2023 –24 March 2024

Exhibition Venue: Exhibition Hall 10, 4th Floor

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Among the outstanding seal engravers who emerged in the 20th century, Xie Leiming (1884-1963), Fang Jiekan (1901-1987), and Xu Wuwen (1931-1993) are undoubtedly among the most representative, who shared a master-apprentice relationship and carried forward the tradition of epigraphy. While their practice was deeply rooted in tradtional princples, they also engaged in valuable explorations of literati seal engraving and seal script. Their creative endeavors showcased the rich beauty and unique allure of classical arts, while also reaffirming and reiterating the cultural stance of seal engraving and calligraphy.

In 2023, we commemorate the 60th anniversary of Xie Leiming's passing, the 36th anniversary of Fang Jiekan's passing, and the 30th anniversary of Xu Wuwen's passing; this year also marks the 120th anniversary of the foundation of the Xiling Seal Art Society. In light of these milestones, Tsinghua University Art Museum is hosting its first seal engraving art exhibition. Through a wealth of original seals and catalogs of seal impressions, and other relevant calligraphies, letters, manuscripts, and items, we aim to shed light on and relate an important aspect of the history, the appraisal and collection, and the cultural exchange of modern seal engraving. We also wish to pay tribute to the outstanding scholars who uphold this great tradition through their preservation, protection, research, promotion, and education of epigraphy.

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