In Pursuit of Beauty: Selected Artworks of Zhu Danian & Wu Guanzhong from the Collections of Tsinghua University Art Museum

Exhibition Info

  • Exhibition Period 20 December 2022 - 6 May 2023

  • Exhibition Venue Zhu Danian & Wu Guanzhong Gallery, 4th Floor, Tsinghua University Art Museum

Exhibition Profile

  • Mr. Zhu Danian and Mr. Wu Guanzhong were important artists and art educators in New China, and they were also role models of the "Tsinghua Fine Arts Group". Tsinghua University Art Museum has successively organized and planned memorial exhibitions for Wu Guanzhong and Zhu Danian, and received generous donations from their families. To commemorate the two masters, Hall No.8 was thus named "Zhu Danian & Wu Guanzhong Gallery". We will continue to focus on the “Tsinghua Fine Arts Group” and launch series of exhibitions of artworks from our collection themed "In Pursuit of Beauty". The exhibition with 39 sets of selected artworks of Zhu Danian and Wu Guanzhong from the collections of Tsinghua University Art Museum presents the opening chapter of this series of exhibitions. Tsinghua University Art Museum will be in a continual process of discovering beauty, creating beauty, and providing beauty along the artistic path of the two masters, and strive to practice aesthetic education in pursuit of beauty.

Artist Profile

  • Zhu Danian (1916-1995), studied at Hangzhou National Academy of Art and Beiping National Art School in his early years, and later went to Japan to study ceramics. He is an important pioneer of Chinese modern ceramic industry, and the designer and mastermind of "Jianguo Porcelain". He successfully established a new mileage of Applied Art around the founding period of China. Zhu Danian has made great achievements in the field of mural art and fine brushwork and heavy color painting, which combines traditional sentiment of brush and ink with skills of Western painting, thus forming his own unique artistic context.

    Wu Guanzhong (1919-2010), studied at Hangzhou National Academy of Art in his early years, and later studied modern oil painting in France on government scholarship. He devoted to the nationalization of oil painting and the modernization of Chinese painting, and built a set of painting system that not only continues the tradition of Chinese ink painting, but also integrates Western abstraction art, with Chinese and Western fusion between abstract and concrete image. He has become one of the representative Chinese artists with international reputation in the 20th century.

Source:Tsinghua University Art Museum

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