Launch of Global Youth Climate Week

From the extreme droughts resulting in famine in the Horn of Africa to the heat waves across Europe and the flooding in Asia, 2022 shows the world how this 'code red' of climate change is like.

Having realized the obstacles that the next generation had to face in addressing climate change, the Global Alliance of Universities on Climate (GAUC) proposed the Global Youth Climate Week in January 2022. Scheduled one week ahead of each UNFCCC COP, the Week aims to provide a platform for youth to voice out their climate dedication and to prepare them to take the lead in building a net-zero future shared by all.

Are you willing to take action against Climate Change?  The launch of Global Youth Climate Week starts now.

Hear from speakers from United Nations, and All-China Youth Federation to know more about what you could do. Join now and be a part of global youth action for a Net Zero future!

Global Launch of Global Youth Climate Week


2022 must be the year of implementation.

Don't wait, and get on board with us to the Global Launch of Global Youth Climate Week today!


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Writer: Xu Lihuan

Editors: Lin Yuan, Liu Shutian

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