Fall Orientation for Incoming Scholars

On September 15, the International Students & Scholars Center (ISSC) hosted the fall semester orientation for new international scholars of Tsinghua University. Representatives from the Human Resources Office, Safety & Security Office and Tsinghua University Hospital welcomed new scholars and provided them with useful information about living and working at Tsinghua.

Ms. LI Hongyu, Associate Director of ISSC, began the orientation with a brief introduction of Tsinghua University and ISSC as well as the wide range of activities that are organized for international scholars at Tsinghua.

Ms. LI Xin from the Tsinghua University Safety & Security Office (TUSSO) delivered a speech about safety on campus and legal guidelines for international scholars.

Ms. YUAN Shaohua from the University Hospital of Tsinghua gave specific information on how to see a doctor at the campus hospital, and what services the hospital offers.

The topic of social insurance was outlined by Ms. LI Xiaochun from the Human Resources Department, which included an explanation of the monthly taxes comprised in the salary payment.

At the end of morning session, Professor Andrew Godfrey from the School of Materials Science and Engineering shared his more than 20 years’ experience as an international scholar at Tsinghua, providing many useful tips for living and conducting research in China.

ISSC Orientation is aimed at helping incoming international scholars integrate into the university community. It is held every semester to provide international scholars with valuable information pertaining to their stay in Tsinghua and China, which includes insurance, campus safety, as well as tips on how to get involved in campus life and join many activities set up for scholars.

Source: ISSC

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