2022 Climate x Campaign Global Launch

Initiated by the Global Alliance of Universities on Climate, the Climate x Campaign aims at mobilizing global youth and multi-stakeholders to improve the awareness of the synergy between climate change and other SDGs to reach the net-zero future.


The Global Launch of the campaign will be held simultaneously by Tsinghua University, Sciences Po, and the University of Stellenbosch and broadcast live , covering the campaign’s actions in nations, regions, and the world, respectively.

We will be covering the detailed plan of the campaign, including the Global Youth Summit. Join us live if you are dedicated to becoming an ambassador for international Climate Change cooperation!

Scan the QR code to join us live!

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Time: 20:00-21:20 (UTC+8)

Date: 5th September 2022

The Global Alliance of Universities on Climate (GAUC) was formed in January 2019 in Davos, Switzerland. There are 15 influential universities in the alliance, with President Wang Xiqin from Tsinghua University as the Chair.

GAUC's mission is to advance climate change solutions through research, education, and public outreach, and to partner with industry, non-profit and government organizations to promote rapid implementation from local to global scales. GAUC will pursue this mission by promoting exchange and cooperation among member universities and providing leadership in global higher education efforts addressing climate change.

Source: GAUC

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