Tsinghua University wins 24th Women's CUBA

Last week, Tsinghua University won the 24th Women's CUBA China University Basketball Divison with 7 wins and 0 loses!


This is the 3rd time that Tsinghua has won the championship.



Song Kexin, the captain of Tsinghua women’s basketball team, was named MVP of the season. Tsinghua women's basketball coach Yang Banban was named the best coach in CUBA.


Today, let’s read Song Kexin's story at Tsinghua, who has made remarkable achievements as a player of the school’s basketball team.

Song Kexin


Song Kexin entered Tsinghua in 2017 and has acquired many championship titles since then, including CUBA (Chinese University Basketball Association) and the Chinese National Games.

Faced with such brilliant achievements, Song is still very modest. She never regarded herself as a talented player.

“Basketball is a sport for giants. I’m not tall enough, so I have to train harder to improve my techniques,” said Song.


Her favorite player is Stephen Curry, an American NBA basketball player with a height of 1.88m, not very tall for male basketball players. “I like him just because even though he doesn’t have outstanding body conditions, he’s able to get his own foothold in the NBA, create his own technical features, and make them popular among basketball lovers all over the world.”

She started to undertake professional basketball training when she was in year six in elementary school. Since then, she started her journey as a young basketball player. From Xi’an to Tsinghua, from an ordinary sports lover to a member of the Chinese women’s basketball training team for the Olympics, Song is firmly walking on the path of pursuing her dream.


Song has been admitted to the School of Social Sciences, and she will start her postgraduate studies this autumn. A brand-new studying experience is awaiting her, and she has a clear plan for her future.

“Of course, my future career will be closely related to basketball. Sports management might be one of my future directions, and I’m also quite interested in teaching basketball as a professional coach.”

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