Starting a career in high-tech with confidence

Muhammad Wasim Asim, from Pakistan, is a master's student in the School of Vehicle and Mobility at Tsinghua University. Wrapping up his Tsinghua journey with the Class of 2022, he is about to embark on a new chapter of his life.

Wasim is starting his professional career with a high-tech company in China. He knows entering the working world has its own set of challenges, but he is not worried about it.

“I believe that my passion, self-motivation, and skillsets will help my future journey go smoothly,” says Wasim, who is graduating with a master's degree in mechanical engineering. “I very much look forward to using my knowledge and experience in a professional work setting.”

At the same time, he also sees the beginning of his professional career as yet another learning opportunity.

“I am graduating doesn't mean my learning will stop now. I will continue to learn from experts in my study field and strive for excellence,” he says. “I hope I can contribute to the development of cutting-edge technologies that benefit the world.”

He is grateful for the mentoring and training he received in his school, which eventually helped him land a job.

“The school provided me with the space and opportunities to understand the current and future technological trends and enabled me to take bold initiatives in making the right decisions about my research and the career I wanted to follow after graduation,” he says.

As a Tsinghua student, Wasim was equally active outside of his academic work. He served as a member of the Tsinghua Red Cross Society, the Graduate Student Union, and the Student Association of Belt and Road Initiative, participating in various on- and off-campus student activities and volunteering. Earlier this year, he participated in the 2022 Olympic Winter Games as a Tsinghua student volunteer, performing during the Games’ opening ceremony.

“I'm grateful to everyone I met on the lovely Tsinghua campus who helped me grow and become stronger and gave me memories I'll cherish long after I graduate,” he says. “Once a Tsinghuaren, always a Tsinghuaren. I will always adhere to the Tsinghua spirit and slogans.”

By Guo Lili, Sangeet

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