Helping close healthcare gaps to support aging populations

Eric Muellejans from Canada is a Schwarzman Scholar from the graduating Class of 2022. He is an advocate for health entrepreneurship.

He has designed, built, and sold his own medical device company, which improves post-op femoral circulation. Eric has served on health investment trade missions for Canada, and has been a champion for youth across Canada.

After graduation, Eric wants to pursue a career in Digital Health management for eldercare.

“The pandemic has shown massive gaps in our healthcare systems. Around the world, developing economies are aging, and we need to update our access to care to support those aging,” he says. “Both Canada and China are going to be faced with managing millions and millions of elders, and I want to be on the front lines of creating a golden future for all seniors.”

As a Schwarzman Scholar, he has spent a year on the Tsinghua campus, where he has found a vibrant community of young students enjoying campus life right next to faculty and alumni.

“Young and old living amongst each other, sharing park space and memories. Bringing more inter-generational living into our day-to-day is vital for more vibrant elder communities,” he says.

To him, witnessing the engagement of all ages in the Tsinghua community has been simply inspiring.

In the past year, he has led an active student life, participating in sports, student club activities, competitions, and intellectual debates.

“Simply put, Tsinghua is active,” he says.

He says he is impressed by how the University offers endless opportunities for its students to be involved in Beijing and beyond, even when faced with restrictions.

“Taking part in all these opportunities, outside of the classroom, as a student has been the most rewarding educational experience of my life.”

By Guo Lili, Sangeet

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