China-Poland Contemporary Material Art Exchange Exhibition

“China-Poland Contemporary Material Art Exchange Exhibition”is the third edition of the Chinese Contemporary Material Art Exchange Exhibitions. More than 100 pieces of artwork focusing on “materials” by 76 artists from China and Poland will meet the audience. As for the reason why we choose material art as the entry point for international cultural exchange. It is based on the following three points: The first one is the common language of material. Material, as the most essential medium and carrier for artists, is also the starting point of artistic creation. To bring new forms and narrative modes is exactly to communicate on a common basis and common concern of dialogue, to promote in-depth exchanges and understanding between countries and draw lessons from the advanced achievements of different civilizations.

The second point is the materialist way of thinking. While making much of the subjectivity and initiative of material art made from real physical matter, artists also take seriously the interactions, links and resonances between individual life and materials, to transfer the development view of post-humanist ecological harmony. The third point is different perspectives brought by materials. Voices from oriental countries, the third world, females and minority groups and regional voices, were marginalized by mainstream art in a long term. They should be given more opportunities to express themselves, which also gives us the possibility to reconstruct and re-understand contemporary art.

It is hoped that the“China-Poland Contemporary Material Art Exchange Exhibition”, loaded with the artists’ passion and love for material art, will promote the cultural and artistic exchanges between the two countries and enhance the friendships between the two peoples.

Source: Academy of Arts and Design

Editor: Guo Lili

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