Doing Business in China from Foreign Perspectives: Leverage the Difference, Seize the Opportunity

Time: December 18, 13:30-15:00 (Beijing time)  
Venue: Online  
Lecturer: Prof.Dr.Tomas Casas i Klett   

  • Assistant Professor at the Research Institute for International Management and Director of the China Competence Center, Co-Director of the Competence Center for Top Teams, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

  • Visiting Professor, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, Russia

  • Director of the global Elite Quality Index project (EQx2021)

Practitioners of international business are adjusting to a radically transforming landscape, with Chinese markets, innovation, capital and fierce competition as defining elements. Notwithstanding the global COVID-19 shock and economic slowdown, China is of the most resilient, dynamic and fastest-growing areas of the world. More importantly and despite of geopolitical tensions, foreign firms want to be part of the Middle Kingdom: In 2020 China overtook the United States as the main receipt of foreign direct investment (FDI inflows, USD 163 billion and USD 134 billion respectively).

At the same time China constitutes a unique business environment, often confusing for those accustomed to Western business systems and institutions. China boasts unique ecosystems driven by ultra-dynamic entrepreneurs and yet it remains a Communist country with 5-year plans and massive state owned enterprises. It is also an extraordinarily vibrant market economy and the intensity of competition found in many industries exceed those found in the West. Its elite quality is higher than that of emerging and many advanced nations (EQx2021) as many of the leading business models  in the economy are engaged in productive value creation activities rather than rent-seeking. Understanding this mixture - Socialism with Chinese characteristics or the Chinese Variety of Capitalism - in the context of millennia old thought systems and business traditions is a major aim of our engagement. This requires a deep dive into history and what is the essential Chinese way of doing business. The perspective taken is that of a foreign practitioner wishing to participate in China's opportunities.

The following topics will be discussed in the lecture:

  • What is China to our company: A node in the supply chain, a vast market, a supplier of capital, a source of innovation and learning?

  • The firm vs. the ecosystem: How to“become Chinese”in a Chinese ecosystem and why

  • Chinese culture and institutions as mediators for business: How to craft effective responses?

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