2021 Sino-American Youth Dialogue

Earth is our home,

the place where we survive and thrive.

How should we conduct ourselves

amidst the climate change challenge?

Young students from China and the United States

initiated the Sino-American Youth Dialogue,

to create a platform that builds consensus,

promote collective actions, and contribute

to youth empowerment in building

a community with a shared future for mankind.

May young people from China and

the United States actively participate

in tackling global climate change

and creating a better future,

where not just mankind,

but all the ecosystems around the globe flourish.



October 8th (Friday) 8:00(GTM+8)

Making Carbon Neutral

Youth In Action

Reception Hall · Tsinghua University

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Organization Committee Email: yjsbgw@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn.


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