Global Forum of University Presidents' Plenary Session

On April 24, the eve of its 110th anniversary, Tsinghua University will host the Plenary Session of the Global Forum of University Presidents 2021 (GFUP 2021). Tsinghua has invited presidents from universities across the globe—including the US, Japan, Kenya, Italy, Australia, Russia, Chile, and Germany—to participate in the forum and share their views on the theme of “Innovate for the Future: Vision and New Missions of Universities.”

We invite you all to join this important event live on April 24 at 20:00 (Beijing Time).

From April 19 to 23, the GFUP 2021 featured four sessions, each highlighting a unique theme. Leaders from many prominent universities around the world exchanged their forward-looking perspectives on the themes of high importance to the future of higher education and the world, such as University as a Cultural Space: Looking Back into the Future, Global Carbon Neutrality: Universities Responsibility and Action, Rethinking the Future and New Mission of Online Education and Global University Leadership.  

On April 24, the GFUP 2021 will culminate in the Plenary Session. It will feature two thematic discussions followed by the release of the GFUP Tsinghua Consensus 2021, designed to encapsulate the Forum’s outcomes and guide the vision and new mission of universities.

The Plenary Session will be broadcast live on various social media platforms as follows:


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Writer: Li Yichuan
Editors: Lin Yuan, Sangeet Sangroula, Liu Shutian, Guo Lili

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