University as a Cultural Space: Looking Back into the Future

Time: April 19th 2021, 7:00PM-9:00PM (Beijing Time)

GFUP 2021 will convene online and onsite from 19th to 24th of April 2021. Sessions are designed to explore themes including University as a Cultural Space: Looking Back into the Future (19th April); Global Carbon Neutrality: Universities Responsibility and Action (21st April); Rethinking the Future and New Mission of Online Education (22nd April); and Global Leadership of Universities (23rd April). The forum will culminate in the Plenary Session and the release of Tsinghua Consensus 2021 on 24th April, will encapsulate the outcomes from the Forum and guide the vision and new mission of universities.

University as a Cultural Space: Looking Back into the Future

The university is an exploratorium. It generates not only specialized knowledge about the world, but also general intelligence to enlighten holistic human development. To do so, the university creates, connects, and commemorates cultures in a synthesis of past, present, and future.

The university is also a theatre. It not only shapes and shares our identities as cultures in academic disciplines, professions, and nationalities, but also transforms them into new possibilities.

And the university is a forum. When viewing art in a gallery or a performance on the stage, an essential part of the experience is what viewers bring with them: their own experiences and expectations as the context in which they are viewing.

When we gather to celebrate the 110th anniversary of Tsinghua University, we are also celebrating the founding of all universities and anticipating their future success as cultural spaces that create connectivity and commemorate our collective history.

GFUP Session One proposes dual approaches to explore the relationship between the university and culture in time-space: the creative fusion, as well as creative tension, of art and science, of human and nonhuman, and of known and unknown.

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