Belarusian Minister of Education Visits Tsinghua

Belarusian Minister of Education Visits Tsinghua

On September 28th, the Belarusian Minister of education Zhuravkov paid a visit to Tsinghua University, where he was met by Chen Xu, Chairperson of the University Council.

Chen made a brief introduction of the history of Tsinghua University and its personnel training in recent years.  She hoped that Zhuravkov’s visit would promote Belarus’ understanding of Tsinghua University and the cooperation of higher education between the two countries. 

 Zhuravkov said that the good rapport between Belarus and China was also seen in the friendly exchanges between universities of the two countries.  More and more Belarusian young people have shown interest in China’s education and its progress made in science and technology.  Zhuravkov hoped to see more cooperation between Belarus and China in double degree programs.   He also introduced the general information of Chinese language learning in Belarus.

After the talk, Zhuravkov and his entourage visited the Demonstration Center of Next Generation Network at Tsinghua.

(By Li Huashan)

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