Environment and Development Discussed at Forum
The "Tsinghua Environment and Development Forum 2002" opened on May 14, just weeks before World Environment Day on June 5.

Attending the meeting were Professor Michael McElroy, Professor of Enironmental Studies of Harvard University. Mr. Dudek, director of Atmospheric Science of U.S. environmental protection Agency, Professor Zhen Yankang, vice president of Tsinghua, Academician Qian Yi, professor of the department of environmental science and engineering of Tsinghua, Academician Ni Weidou, professor of the Thermal Engineering department, Professor Chen Jining, dean of the School of Environmental Engineering. Teachers and students from several departments and schools also participated.

Academician Qian Yi received thunderous applause following her speech titled "Sustainable Development Supported by New Science and Technology."

"Human beings are facing many serious environmental problems," she told the audience. "How to make use of the limited resources and maintain the continuing development of human beings are two urgent problems. Solving these problems depends on not only environmental scholars and people in the industrial field but also every government in the world. What's more, the progress of science and technology is also necessary."

Vice President Zheng Yankang also spoke at the ceremony.

(Liu Wanli 5/22/2002)

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