Tsinghua Postdoctoral S&T Development Centre founded in Huai'an
The inaugurate ceremony of "Tsinghua Postdoctoral S&T Development Centre" was held in Huai'an, Jiangsu province, March 29.

Representatives of Tsinghua postdoctoral fellowship and Huai'an technology agency subscribed "Tsinghua postdoctoral fellowship--Jiangsu Huai'an technology agency cooperation agreement". Tsinghua postdoctoral office and Huai'an Municipal Government also signed on the agreement.

"Tsinghua Postdoctoral S&T Development Centre" is the first cooperate technology research centre founded by Tsinghua postdoctoral fellowship. The centre opened a liaison office in order to deal with daily affairs, and serve for the scientific applycation projects which will be undertaken jointly by Tsinghua postdoctors and Huai'an local governments. Members of the liaison office are from Tinsghua postdoctoral office, postdoctoral fellowship, Huai'an Municipal Government and Huai'an technology agency.

(Yin Lijuan 04/23/2002)

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