School of Journalism and Communication Established
By Li Jing


Tsinghua University has established the School of Journalism and Communication in an effort to play a positive role in China's academic, political and media circles.

Fan Jingyi, former editor in chief of the People's Daily, was appointed as the first dean of the school.

Four interdisciplinary research centers have been set up at the new school to study the fields of international communication, film and television studies, new media studies, and media operation and management.

Through cooperation with other universities and news media, the school is expected to train students to become highly qualified competitors in the journalism and communications global arena, Fan told a group of distinguished guests in the field at the school's opening ceremony April 21.

Tsinghua President Wang Dazhong told the audience that the 21st century is a time of globalization which presents challenges and opportunities to journalism and communication that China has never faced before.

China needs more talented professionals in this circle, he emphasized. All the students trained by the school should carry on the Tsinghua tradition of "self-discipline and socialcommitment."

They also should have a clear understanding of China and the world, be well educated, and share in the responsibility of national development.

He pointed out that the establishment of the new school is a milestone in Tsinghua's plan to become a world-class, comprehensive university.

Officials from the Information Office under the State Council, the All-China Journalists' Association, the Ministry of Education, the municipal government of Beijing, and chief editors and presidents of several major news organizations including People's Daily, China Daily, and CCTV, attended the ceremony.

To date, Tsinghua has taught journalism and communications courses for 17 years. In 1985, communications-related studies were included in the department of Chinese language and literature, and the second bachelor's degree in news editing was offered. In 1998, the department of communication was set up.

So far, 500 students have graduated from the department, nearly 20 percent of whom have master's degrees in journalism or communications.

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