Tsinghua hold The 2001 Science and Technology Rewarded Meeting
The 2001 Science and Technology Rewarded Meeting was held in the Main Building recently. In the meeting, Gong Ke, the vice president of Tsinghua, reviewed the scientific research in 2001, and reported the following subjects: research financing, patent applying, international cooperation of science and technology, and basic researching. He also brought out new requirements.

Wen Shizhu, academician of the Precision Instruments Department, Wu Zongxin, professor of the Nuclear Energy Research Institute, Liu Guanzhong, professor of the Academy of Art and Design gave speeches, and introduced the research work of their units.

Professor Wang Dazhong, president of Tsinghua University, congratulated the rewarded units and individuals. He also indicated that, our university is in the course of the Tenth Five-Year Plan making. The 1st phase of 985 has been finished, now the 2nd phase is in programming, in which we should stress the reforming of education and teaching, the elevating of scientific research standard, and the improving of teachers' quality, in order to make our teaching and researching quality better. He said there is still a gap between the world's first class universities and us. Our research level, especially academic level, doctors' level and teachers' level is still needed improving.

President Wang said that the scientific research should set the need of country in the 1st place, consider the present situation of nation, catch hold of some important projects, and make contribution to nation's economy construction, industry development, and country's defense.

He pointed out that we should strongly enhance the basic research. Our aim is to reach the international level, not only the number of SCI papers. People are the foundation for building a world class university, and we should create a better working condition to meet faculty's research requirements. He said the original creativeness of basic research is the common characteristic of world's first class universities.

In the end, President Wang indicated that we should pay attention to the development of inter-disciplinary subjects. He said that the comprehensive subject arrangement has been set up, which is the advantage of cross-border subjects developing.

(Deng Di, Li Jing, 04/03/2002)

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