Tsinghua published the largest number of EI papers and ISTP papers among Chinese Universities

According to statistics released by the Institute of S&T Information affiliated to the Ministry of Science and Technology, Tsinghua published the largest number of EI papers (a total of 1418) and ISTP papers (a total of 410) this year. The EI papers published by Tsinghua account for 10.8% of that of the whole nation in 2000.

Tsinghua University is the second largest SCI papers (a total of 1054) owner among Chinese Universities for the year 2000. Peking University published 1105 SCI papers, ranking the first.

In addition, according to the statistics Tsinghua published 2967 papers in more than 1,200 scientific and technological Chinese journals, ranking it the third largest among all universities in the country.

(Li Jing, 12/182001)

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