Competing in the Age of Globalization

On June 29, 92 CEOs and general managers from the most distinguished companies inside and outside China received their certificates from an executive education program offered jointly by Harvard Business School and Tsinghua University School of Economics.

The Executive Education program, called Competing is the Age of Globalization, is created by a strategic alliance between the two business schools. The program is built on and adapted from a highly successful course--Business, Government and International Economy-- which is required in the MBA curriculum and also taught in several Executive Education programs at Harvard Business School.

Competing is the Age of Globalization is designed for senior executives from companies that operated both domestically and internationally. This intensive program gives senior executives the unique opportunity to learn the basic macroeconomic tools of a market economy, to understand how complex economic and political country-level factors can affect a firm's investment opportunities, to gain a broader understanding of how government policies impact business in a market economy.

The program is designed and taught by Harvard Business School and Tsinghua faculty who have outstanding academic credentials, including Richard H.K. Vietor, senior associate dean of Executive Education at Harvard Business School and Chen Xiaoyue, professor of accounting, associate dean of Tsinghua School of Economics and Management.

The core of the learning process is the case study method. In addition, faculty members use multiple learning approaches tailored to fit their teaching objectives.

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