Premier Zhu Quits as Dean of Tsinghua Management School

Premier Zhu Rongji said on June 5 that he had decided to quit as dean of School of Economic and Management (SEM), Tsinghua University, a post he had held for over ten years. While he had accepted the invitation to officiate as Honorary Chairman of the SEM Advisory Committee.

Premier Zhu delivered a lecture about current situation of domestic and international economy as well as Sino-US relationship at Tsinghua June 5. In his farewell speech as it had turned out, Zhu expressed his gratitude for his alma mater and hoped all young alumni to become personages of integrity and with expertise. Education Minister Chen Zhili was also present on the occasion.

Professor He Meiying, chairwoman of the University Council hosted the lecture. Professor Wang Dazhong, president of Tsinghua University expressed his acknowledgement to premier Zhu on behalf of Tsinghua students and faculty after his speech.

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