Chinese President Visits International Art & Science Show

Chinese President Jiang Zemin visited the international exhibition of art and science at the China National Gallery in downtown Beijing on June 4.

When viewing the exhibits one by one, Jiang, also general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee, said that art work depicting scientific discoveries and the scientific spirit will not only give people an artistic treat but also increase their appreciation of science.

The exhibition, which opened May 31 as part of a series of celebration activities to mark the 90th anniversary of the founding of Tsinghua University, has on display nearly 600 pieces of art sent by 32 Chinese and foreign universities from 19 countries. The themes of the exhibits, including paintings, sculptures, graphic design, tapestry, conceptual design, pottery, multi-media, are mainly related to major scientific discoveries.

The objective of the exhibition is to manifest the combination of art and science, discuss the relationship between them, represent human's intuitive thinking and shape the perspectives from cosmos and human feelings.

Nobel Prize Winner T.D.Lee, who is also an honorary professor of Tsinghua University and Professor Wu Guanzhong of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University are chairmen of academic committee of the event. Both of their works, two gigantic sculptures named "the desire of life" and "the spirit of nature" are presented at the show。

The design of a vehicle that can drive on the moon is on display at the exhibition also. It is a result of cross-disciplinary co-operation at Tsinghua University. The six-wheeled vehicle can be powered with solar-energy or chemical batteries and is suitable for the rough surface of the moon.

The Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University organized the exhibition. Formerly known as the Central Academy of Arts and Design, the school merged with Tsinghua University on 1999.

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