Tsinghua MBA Program Best in China

  The Master of Business Administration program at China's prestigious Tsinghua University is the best among all the similar educational programs in China, a recent survey said. The survey, sponsored by China's Research Center for the Development of Academic Degrees and Post-Graduate Education, sampled MBA programs at 26 Chinese universities.

  The evaluation board said Beijing-based Tsinghua University obtained the highest total score as well as reaped top awards in all six marking subentries, namely, faculty, educational facilities, administration, organization, educational attainments and program specialization.

  Experts say that Tsinghua's MBA program features high-level cooperation and exchanges with foreign counterparts, and provides various practical extracurricular activities for students. Tsinghua University has ties with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States, in developing its MBA program.

  "We are aiming to provide talents familiar with not only international business operation but also China's market realities, " said Zhao Chunjun, vice director of Tsinghua Business School.

  Tsinghua MBA graduates have been enjoying ready job opportunities for them with large foreign companies operating in China and some privately owned Chinese firms.


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