Symposium on Green Manufacturing was held

An international symposium featuring the academic theme "green manufacturing", opened Tuesday. More than 100 of world's scholars, government officials and entrepreneurs gathered in Beijing to express their views upon the policy, theory, techniques and method of "green manufacturing". Professor Qian Yi of the department of environmental science and engineering of Tsinghua University hosted the conference. She is a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as well.

The industry should promote the development of green manufacturing by using high quality and environmentally friendly technology, experts said.

The State Conference on Industrial Pollution Protection announced in 1993 that China would step up its efforts to promote environment-friendly manufacturing over the next few years.

Tsinghua University put forward the concept of building a "Green University" on June 23, 1998. This proposal aimed to set up a model to promote sustainable development of both the environment and the economy.

The university had started to set up a detailed appraisal system of the green university and have formulated incentive policies for projects on green technology. Tsinghua have focused our support on such key projects as the utilization of solar energy, electric-powered vehicles, purification of natural water and freon-free refrigeration.

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